Pine Cone Elves

Pinecone Elves - BledsoeWhen I was young, my favorite Christmas decoration was the traditional miniature village.  It became real when we plugged in the lights that shined through the colored cellophane windows of the little cardboard houses.  They were placed on the glittered sheet of cotton with bottle brush trees and hanging around “town” you would find a spun cotton snowman, a three legged Putz sheep and pine cone elves.  That inspired me to make these guys.  Maybe your village could use a new pine cone elf?

4 thoughts on “Pine Cone Elves

  1. PAULA HARDMAN says:

    hi its gary from england !! are these sold as a four piece or can they be bought as a single reason being i quite like the one with the spotty scarf !!! thank you kind regards gary !!!


  2. Bill Strout says:

    Morning Denise, How big and what is the price of these adorable pine cone elves. I adore the pumpkins along with the multiple pieces of yours Bill and I both enjoy. Happy Sunday. Terry Strout

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