Ukraine Art Exhibitions

Russian Magazine and Catalog - Bledsoe

Along with the Doll Art Show, Kiev, Ukraine also has a Bead Art Exhibition and both had coverage in this Russian magazine.   I wish I could show you all the fabulous works of beaded art.  Included in the magazine are patterns and instructions to create the most awesome necklaces, etc.  Their beading skills are of the same high caliber as their doll making skills!

The show published a big, full color catalog and each participating artist got a page featuring their work.  Here is my page – and my name in Cyrillic!  I’m having so much fun studying all the styles of the different artists.  This was a wonderful experience!   

2 thoughts on “Ukraine Art Exhibitions

  1. Luidmila says:

    Dear Denis! Thank you very much for sending me this magazine, I’m so happy for you
    that you injoy your beeing in Ukraine, Kiyv – my native city. Unfortunally I could not been there, but I try to find this magazine in the bookstore. I also send fotoes to my little grandchildren, they live permanently in Italy and Canada.

    • Denise Bledsoe says:

      Dear Luidmila,
      Thank you for your comment. I wasn’t able to actually travel to your beautiful city but my dolls were. I have been looking at pictures of Kiev on the computer and that’s how I know it is lovely as well as all of it’s art. It must be interesting having grandchildren all over the world – thanks to computers, everyone can keep in closer touch with notes and photos!
      Thanks again and have a fun weekend.
      Hugs from California, Denise

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