Punk Trio


To see close ups, click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ym0pzbc4xyc  Found this little player piano at an antique shop. Spookified it up a bit and now it’s just right for these three bbfs who LOVE to sing! The piano plays classic music box songs but the punks prefer Art Punk (get it?) but they enjoy all music. Ten inches from toes to stem tops. Sold as a trio or individually.

Pine Cone Elves

Pinecone Elves - BledsoeWhen I was young, my favorite Christmas decoration was the traditional miniature village.  It became real when we plugged in the lights that shined through the colored cellophane windows of the little cardboard houses.  They were placed on the glittered sheet of cotton with bottle brush trees and hanging around “town” you would find a spun cotton snowman, a three legged Putz sheep and pine cone elves.  That inspired me to make these guys.  Maybe your village could use a new pine cone elf?


Frazier and Nash - Goblins - BledsoeGOBS – the happy, harmless variety of goblins.  Best gob buddies, Frazier and Nash love a good card game and their game of choice…Go Fish!  Later they will indulge in over-eating their favorite – marshmallows with mustard for dipping.  Looser buys!

Goblins - Bledsoe