Frazier and Nash - Goblins - BledsoeGOBS – the happy, harmless variety of goblins.  Best gob buddies, Frazier and Nash love a good card game and their game of choice…Go Fish!  Later they will indulge in over-eating their favorite – marshmallows with mustard for dipping.  Looser buys!

Goblins - Bledsoe

2 thoughts on “Goblins

  1. PAULA HARDMAN says:

    hi ! its gary from england ! i have just been on your web page and i have seen a figure with his mouth wide open and he looks great i would love to see the full figure and did i miss out on this one !!! thank you kind regards gary !!!


    • Denise Bledsoe says:

      Nice to hear from you Gary! I think the guy with the wide open mouth is my “Bat Boy”. He is a low relief sculpture in a frame. I will send you an email with the full photo and more details. Thanks for your comment!

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