6 thoughts on “Fern

  1. phyllis sherrer says:

    You know I want her don’t you ?????? She is adorable and I love her pretty dress it reminds me of the little girl I got Yeats ago withe the crocheted dress. How much is this dirty cute little bundle of love? Hope you are havering a good day. It’s raining here so me and my mucho fat kitty Febbie are enjoying spending time together that we usually don’t get. Love you Phyllis AKA Bledsoe Addict

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    • Denise Bledsoe says:

      I just sent you a message through Facebook with more details Phyllis. Sounds like you are getting some good needed rest. Fern will love joining your family. They will all be understanding of her messy hair and dirty little face and not judge. A million thanks! much love.

  2. reneetroy says:

    You are amazing and so is Fern. I’ll call you. xoxo

    On Tue, Jun 24, 2014 at 8:58 AM, Denise Bledsoe Art Dolls wrote:

    > Denise Bledsoe posted: “Like most faerie toddlers, Fern has never had > a bath or her hair brushed, yet she still smells of wisteria from playing > hide and seek around them. Fern is 6 1/2 inches seated and is string > jointed.”

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