Bride - BledsoeThis little commissioned bride had the honor of holding an engagement ring for a very special proposal at a gallery.  The groom-to-be planned this romantic event and when she was discovered there by the bride-to-be, he dropped to one knee and asked for her hand.  My very best wishes for a loving life together.

2 thoughts on “Bride

  1. Mary Wimberley says:

    Wow! What a sweet idea! Don’t you just love to be a part of something so romatic? And of course the birde is lovely i a cute goofy sort of way. I am teaching students in Korea, English over the phone. I often use photos of your work to elicit lively disussions. Your work always inspires me. You are the best with the most wonderful brain in all the world!

    • Denise Bledsoe says:

      Oh my Mary! How shall I ever get my huge head through the door? Thank you so much for your wonderful comment. Leave it to you to be doing something so cool as to teach English in Korea! Your awesome little creatures must also be a fun experience for your students. I miss seeing you at the San Diego shows. xoxo

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