7 thoughts on “Miniatures

  1. jillian says:

    i have no idea if the fire bellied frogs were poisonous! oops! i guess it was a good thing i didn’t handle them…just enjoyed 🙂 i miss my froggies…and so much so Milford. one of these days….i’ll have to try again 😉

    love you oh lovable one!

    • Denise Bledsoe says:

      Yes, I’m glad you didn’t find out if your froggies were poisonous! If they were, it might just be to freighten off the hungry birds who find them tasty rather than cute. Went to a pet shop last night and they had pot-bellied piggies – ooooo. Hub said no. ~:O{
      love you delightful one.

      • jillian says:

        awww…potbellies are so darn adorable…you should just go get one and bring it home and say “oh my gosh you wouldn’t believe where i found this little guy…he was just loose running down the street and i couldn’t just let him get hit by a car…” 😉

        love you sweet ladykins ❤

  2. Denise Bledsoe says:

    Leave it to you to come up with a name like Milford for your frog! I made Robert a stuffed frog when he was a baby and his name was Filmore. I’m sorry for Milford’s untimely depart. Weren’t your red bellied guys poisonous? I guess not if you don’t eat them, right? Yes, even though they don’t particularly show affection, it’s just nice to know frogs are around. xo

  3. jillian says:

    how the heck is it that i never had a clue you made miniature or regular if true, frogs???!!!
    I am completely and totally infatuated with frogs! and this itty bitty one with his tiny crown? ah,,,a prince for sure! 😉 much love sent your way

    • Denise Bledsoe says:

      Yes, just more of that kindred spirit thing then I guess since we both love frogs. I had a pet frog that I “raised” from a tadpole when I was 7. He lived in the fern planter in the front yard. I dug a hole to fit an oval roasting pan and made a sunbathing platform for him from an old vase. He stayed out there for several years. Then I had Bernard and Norman (African Aquatic frogs) for over ten years. They have been gone only four years. Maybe it’s that they look so much like little skin divers with their tiny knees and elbows or the cute sounds they make but frogs are cool little guys for sure! Much love right back.

      • jillian says:

        i too have had a couple frogs…my first was a birthday gift and he was Milford he was so tiny when i first got him but quickly grew and i had this big aquarium set up for him in my room on my nightstand i had him for about 7 years till i came =home from a hospital stay in which my father didn’t feed him his daily crickets or mist him through out the day…i was really upset… Ive also had 5 red bellied ones that made much noise at night…and a couple of hungarian guys i got from a reptile show that i just fell in love with…maybe it’s time to get some again… hmmm 🙂 they are just too cute!

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