7 thoughts on “Beach Piggy

    • Denise Bledsoe says:

      Hi Adriana!
      This little piggy has a new home but thanks so much for asking. I have emailed you directly because I wasn’t able to reply to your comment on “Love” – not sure why it wouldn’t let me. So…to be continued by email…xoxo

  1. Denise Bledsoe says:

    So glad you like my little guys Tawnya. My best advice would be to study the look of real eyes up close…the internet is a good source for details. Enlarge the image to really see how they look. At first, practice painting just on flat paper since it’s easier than on a ball shape. When you get to where you feel confident with your painting, you can use glass beads or marbles to paint on and when I can’t find the right size, I roll up balls of white Fimo and cure them before setting them in the head. Like anything, it all gets easier with practice. I’d love to see photos of your work.

    • tawnya says:

      Denise, that is great advice…thank you!! And that is actually what I have been thinking about doing so I have been looking into it more and more. I will let you know how it goes! And right now, my etsy shop is completally empty…(I REALLY need like a whole entire day to devote to working on my Etsy shop) but I do have alot of my work on my facebook page. I think I may have friend requested you a week or two ago, but I could be wrong. My name on there is”: Tawnyas nublets. When you have time, give it a look! I am a HORRIBLE photographer, and that is another thing I wanna work on is taking better pics of my work and making a good BLOG dedicated to my work. But, let me know if you are not on my fb page and I will send you a link or something. Great to have met ya!!! And have an inspirational weekend 🙂
      Tawnya xoxo

      • Tawnya says:

        No problem Denise!! I have just recentally stumbled upon your work and I was instantally in love!! Your style of work is extremally inspirational to me and I looove looking at it. I have had trouble getting my handmade eyes the way I want them. I would NEVER dare ask you to tell me your secret or anything, but do you possibly have any tips or tricks up your sleeve that you think might help a new artist out when it comes to making their own eyes? (I can pull it off, but they just dont have that “look” that I need them to have, ya know?) Also, keep in mind I am about 8 months into sculpting, so I am still fairly new. Thanks a ton!!

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