48 thoughts on “Available Work

    • Denise Bledsoe says:

      Hi Janine! Oopsy, I forgot to take Sugar Plum (with the wings) off the available list, but the others are available. There are two wearing stripes. The one with the teddy bear is Andy and the one in black and white stripes is Harold.

  1. Robin McKinley says:

    How much are you dolls and how many inches are they? They are so cute. Will you be making anymore like donut? Thanks

    • Denise Bledsoe says:

      Hi Robin, My dolls range in size from 2 inches up to 2 feet tall and from $45. on up with the average being approximately 8 inches and around 200. I’m always in my workroom making new stuff and post it for sale when it’s finished. I will continue to make little girls but they will always be a bit different. I’ll be happy to send you photos of available dolls anytime. Thanks so much for asking about them. 🙂

      • Robin McKinley says:

        Denise, Yes send me pictures of new baby dolls also let me know if you make any little girl dolls around 16″ tall. I love the expression that the doll named donut has. Thanks Robin

  2. phyllis sherrer says:

    I am fortunate to own 4 pieces i have a Gwen, 2 babies and one young man you remade for me from a former piece i call him Charles 🙂 you have the most amazing talent in making these beautiful little people I adore all your works each holds a special place in my heart. Thank you so much for sharing your gift.

      • Mikaela says:

        Aw thanks! 🙂 my parents were by this Weekend and loved the happy couple. 🙂 they also loved steampunk Bot. But then again who doesnt love him? 🙂

        It’s not your usual subjects but I would love some goofy little dogs modeled after my two chuckleheads. What’s your process for commissions?

      • Denise Bledsoe says:

        Hmm, the comment box didn’t have a “reply” button for me to answer you there so I’ll just email you back! Anyway, I’m happy that your parents liked your little guys – thanks for saying so. I haven’t made many dogs, but the challenge sounds like fun. Dogs are my most favorite “people”! Whenever I do commissions, there is never any obligation until it’s finished and the person is happy with it. Since this will be a “likeness” and I use the term loosely since I don’t really do portraits, of your little fur persons, I would need a color photo of them, an approximate size you want the finished sculpts and a ballpark price range, like $50 to 80, 100 to 150., 1000 to 3000., etc. ~:O} That last range includes real diamond collars.

        Oh, this did show up on my comments page afterall. Mysterious.


  3. jillian says:

    so then I am to take it that the sweet sweet sweet and oh so loverly Miss Natasha has already found a home…that sadly is not mine??? i know you have pictures up of thoase who are available but…a girl can dream right?

  4. Debbie Urbanek says:

    Connie helped me get your lady bug, I absolutely love it. Her name is Ms.Penelope just thought I would share.

    • Denise Bledsoe says:

      Hi Debbie,
      So nice to meet you and I’m happy that you have Ms. Penelope (love the name)! Connie is a very sweet person and I’m glad to have met her too…perhaps in person one day! Thank you so much for your nice message.
      Hugs, Denise

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