4 thoughts on “Hog Wild at The Hive Gallery!

  1. Barbara Koop says:

    Hi Denise, i am interested in Hog Wild. Has he been sold?  What are you asking for him?  You know, it just dawned on me, have i made a pymt to you this month, i can’t remember.  If not i am sooooo sorry. Let me know.Barb

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    • Denise Bledsoe says:

      Hi Barb! Nice to hear from you and I’m happy that you like Hog Wild. He will be in a gallery show in Los Angeles next month but the gallery takes pre-sales and lay-aways. For more information on him, you can contact the gallery here: info@hivegallery.com or you can call the gallery owner, Nathan at: 213-955-9051. Hog Wild is about 8 inches tall and is 300. Thanks for asking about him. The last payment I have from you for Kurt was on 2-20. His balance is 92. 🙂

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