6 thoughts on “Journeys Through Light and Dark Show

    • Denise Bledsoe says:

      Hi Jenna, Sorry if I have missed any of your messages. I check here daily. My email address is: bledsoedolls@aol.com and you can message me on Facebook too. Anyway, glad to have heard from you now! Thanks for your kind words regarding my dolls. Anytime you see something you like, just send me a message for the details. They are available through galleries or directly from me. Thanks again and have a fun day! Denise

  1. reneetroy says:

    Hi Sweetie, are you in this show? I see so many doll artists that I know but I don’t see your name.

    Let’s talk soon. Love you! R

    On Sat, Jul 16, 2016 at 8:30 AM, Denise Bledsoe Art Dolls wrote:

    > Denise Bledsoe posted: ” Only seven more days until this exciting show > opens! For more show information, check it out here: > https://petalumaartscenter.org/upcoming/ ” >

    • Denise Bledsoe says:

      Hi Renee! Yes, I have work in this show. Think I might have submitted my paper work too late to have my name on promotion cards, etc. The little guy holding the faerie in the photo is the piece I sent. It’s called “Faerie Hunting”. Yes, talk soon! Love you.

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