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Rauly - Denise BledsoeA fun event for all you insomniacs or people who just enjoy seeing artist bears and other critters in the late evening!  This Thursday night (August 14, 2014) at 11:00 pm Pacific time USA (which will equal Friday afternoon at 4:00 pm Sydney, Australia time) there will be an exciting new online show at:   I will have a group of little soft, squishy guys and gals available along with thirty-one other international artists presenting wonderful work.  If you just can’t stay up that late, no worry…the show continues through Saturday night at 11:00 pm Pacific time USA (Sunday at 4:00 pm Sydney, AU time).  I hope you’ll have a look and enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Online Show

  1. says:

    I love the funky bears more than traditional ones. Yours is very cute, plus the giraffe was cute, maybe more traditional, but not a bear.

    Would you know of any young girl who would like some of Jillian’s Bledsoe dolls? I am not willing to part with all of them, but it’s a shame they aren’t enjoyed by someone who loves your stuff. I mean, not to say I don’t enjoy, but I’m aging quickly and always looking for new homes for lovers of what I have. We are only caretakers and have to pass things along to younger caretakers. However, one of our doll club members collected right up to about age 95!!!


    • Denise Bledsoe says:

      I’m with you Joy, I like the “fun” in “funky”! I will put the word out about Jillian’s “Bledsoe” dolls. I’m not sure how they might do on Ebay, but it could be worth a try. Hope all is well for you. Much love.

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