Porter and Shuffles are available

Spring Group Photo - BledsoeA heart felt thank you to all who adopted my guys and gals from the Bright Star bear show!  Still available are Porter Possum in the top right center and Shuffles, the pink pig below Porter and under Hedgehog.  All the others have found new homes.  If you are interested in Porter or Shuffles, please click on this link for more information, photos, and to watch Shuffles’ video, etc.:


Thanks so much and have a fun day!

4 thoughts on “Porter and Shuffles are available

    • Denise Bledsoe says:

      Hi Luidmila, If this means that your grandchildren have fun looking at the funny little things I make, then I am very happy about that! All of your creations always make me smile – you have a wonderful imagination! Thank you for your comment! xoxo

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