Pacific San Diego write up

Dear Diary - Denise Bledsoe

A big thank you to Pacific San Diego Magazine.  They just posted a fun interview with Valency Genis and me for our upcoming show at Distinction opening tomorrow night, December 9th!  You can take a peek here:  To view the whole show, click here:

Armand in Print Again

Armand's tattoo in magazine - BledsoeArmand's tattoo in magazine detail - BledsoeMy creepy little clown, Armand, gets around.  His likeness in ink is in the Fall 2013 issue of Ink Slingers Magazine.  It features 13 of the World’s Greatest Tattoo Artists and I am pleased to have my little guy be included in the article as one of the fabulous works of Randy Engelhard of Germany.  Thanks to Tracy for sharing.