Woolgathering at Distinction Gallery

Promo card 2015Woolgathering at Distinction Gallery is now live!
Merriam Webster defines the word “woolgathering” as:
noun: wool-gathering; noun: woolgathering
1. indulgence in aimless thought or dreamy imagining.
The images from my dreams are what you will find created in 3D at my show “Woolgathering”. It will take place at the award winning north county San Diego gallery – Distinction. The show runs from May 9th through June 6, 2015 with the opening reception being Saturday evening, May 9th from 6:00 to 10:00 pm. If you are unable to attend, the show is now live on the gallery’s website:  http://www.distinctionart.com/exhibitgallery.php?showID=107&fltr=exhibit
Thank you for taking a look!

Fearless Fillmore Flea in Art Doll Quarterly Circus Challenge

Art Doll Quarterly Spring 2014 - BledsoeFillmore Flea - BledsoeFillmore Flea has been with the Flea Circus all his life.  His father, Finneas, taught him to ride the unicycle at the tender age of larvae.  His mother, Fatima, is currently the star of the “bearded flea lady” exhibit.  His interests are hopping about The Big Top and sneaking into the dog and pony show hoping for a late night snack.