Andy’s New Bear

Andy's New Bear - combo - Denise BledsoeAndy couldn’t be happier!


Fern - Denise BledsoeFern - detail - Denise BledsoeLike most faerie toddlers, Fern has never had a bath or her hair brushed, yet she still smells of wisteria from playing hide and seek around them.  Fern is 6 1/2 inches seated and is string jointed.


Celebration! - BledsoeDistinction’s opening celebration was lots of fun with great conversation, a live band and awesome samba dancers!  The artwork is diverse and stunning.  If you haven’t seen it, click here:

These guys are called “Celebration!” and are ten inches tall not counting their hats.  It’s Owl’s birthday and he’s having an allergic reaction to his own feathers while Hedgehog is worried about what he should wish for.  Raccoon is just waiting patiently for cake.  They are available for purchase as a group or separately.

Anniversary Show at Distinction Gallery

Distinction AnniversaryCongratulations to award winning Distinction Gallery on their Tenth Year Anniversary!  I have the privilege of my new work being part of the anniversary show.  There will be live music and entertainment.  I hope to see you at the reception or you can check out the live preview here:


Chihuahuas - BledsoeRamona always wanted to be a Dalmatian.

5 1/4 to 6 inches (not counting ears)

Poker Dogs

Poker Dogs - BledsoeAs I told a friend recently, I believe I am presently into my “animal period” like Picasso had his “blue period”.  My apologies for the reference of myself and Picasso…it’s just to say that people have their phases and for the time being, this is mine.  (Faces of my dogs photo shopped onto C. M. Coolidge painting.)

Ordinary Fruit Bats

Ordinary Fruit Bats -  BledsoeThe proper term for a group of bats is “colony” or “camp”.  I like “camp”.  It makes me think they sit around a fire and make smores so I’m going with that.  These little battys have stuffed themselves and are ready to tell ghost stories.  They range in size from 2 to 3 inches and are 65. each.

Can I Keep Him?

Can I Keep Him - Bledsoe

Porter and Shuffles are available

Spring Group Photo - BledsoeA heart felt thank you to all who adopted my guys and gals from the Bright Star bear show!  Still available are Porter Possum in the top right center and Shuffles, the pink pig below Porter and under Hedgehog.  All the others have found new homes.  If you are interested in Porter or Shuffles, please click on this link for more information, photos, and to watch Shuffles’ video, etc.:

Thanks so much and have a fun day!

Another Bright Star Show

Web page anouncement with photoThis was so much fun last February that I’m participating again!  This Friday morning, May 9th, at 8:00 AM Pacific time the Bright Star online bear show will open.  I will have all new bears and other critters available for “adoption” on a first come basis.  There will be work from 50 award winning artists.  If you want to have a look, click on this link:

Thank you and I hope you enjoy the show