Pugs - BledsoePugs detail - Bledsoe


Robin - BledsoeRobin - close up - BledsoeRobin is 6 1/2″ tall and is button jointed so she can be posed.

Chocolate Bunny

Chocolate Bunny - BledsoeChocolate Bunny detail - BledsoeBunny is 6 1/2″ tall seated not counting her “ears”.


St. Patrick's Day - Bledsoe


Petrie In Window - BledsoePetrie is 6″ seated.

Dreamy Dalia

Dreamy Dalia - Bledsoe

Dreamy Dalia is 20″ tall and very poseable.

Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine's Day - Bledsoe

Two left from the show…

Bright Star Show - BledsoeA heartfelt thank you to all who adopted my guys and gals from the Bright Star show!  Still available are Pilar, the purple elephant in the center right and Bun Bun, the white rabbit to the right of Pilar.  All the others have found new homes.  If you are interested in Pilar or Bun Bun, click on this link for more information, photos, etc.:


 Thank you and have a fun day!

Different type of show for me…

Ad banner for Bright Star  OLS-Winter-Advertising400-4


Something a little different for me, I will be participating in Bright Star’s online bear show that opens this Friday at 8:00 AM pacific time.  I have made several plush pieces as well as some animal buddies with my usual sculpted faces.  Sales for this show are on a first come basis.  There will be work from many award winning bear artists.  Show opens  at 8:00 AM pacific time.  Click on this link for viewing:   


Check it out, it should be fun! 

Fearless Fillmore Flea in Art Doll Quarterly Circus Challenge

Art Doll Quarterly Spring 2014 - BledsoeFillmore Flea - BledsoeFillmore Flea has been with the Flea Circus all his life.  His father, Finneas, taught him to ride the unicycle at the tender age of larvae.  His mother, Fatima, is currently the star of the “bearded flea lady” exhibit.  His interests are hopping about The Big Top and sneaking into the dog and pony show hoping for a late night snack.