Jasper - Denise Bledsoe


Harold Finds Just the Right One! - Denise BledsoeHarold finds just the right one!

Bright Star Online Show This Friday!

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Tangerine and Max

Tangerine and Max - Denise BledsoeAvailable separately

Finn Gets a Promotion

Finn - Denise BledsoeIn appreciation of his efforts to bring Shark Week to an all time ratings high, Finn was awarded a promotion.

Online Show

Rauly - Denise BledsoeA fun event for all you insomniacs or people who just enjoy seeing artist bears and other critters in the late evening!  This Thursday night (August 14, 2014) at 11:00 pm Pacific time USA (which will equal Friday afternoon at 4:00 pm Sydney, Australia time) there will be an exciting new online show at:  eBearShow.com   I will have a group of little soft, squishy guys and gals available along with thirty-one other international artists presenting wonderful work.  If you just can’t stay up that late, no worry…the show continues through Saturday night at 11:00 pm Pacific time USA (Sunday at 4:00 pm Sydney, AU time).  I hope you’ll have a look and enjoy!

Ghost Stories

Ghost Stories - group - Denise BledsoePunk just read a book of ghost stories to the ghostlettes.  They are all a little spooked!  Ghostlettes glow brighter than this photo shows for a short time after exposure to light.

“Getting Dressed” in Art Doll Quarterly

Getting Dressed in ADQ Autumn 2014 - BledsoeA huge thank you to Art Doll Quarterly for including my salad guys in the Autumn issue of their fabulous magazine!  Heights range from eight to eleven inches tall and they are available individually or as a group from Distinction Gallery:  http://www.distinctionart.com/

Andy’s New Bear

Andy's New Bear - combo - Denise BledsoeAndy couldn’t be happier!


Fern - Denise BledsoeFern - detail - Denise BledsoeLike most faerie toddlers, Fern has never had a bath or her hair brushed, yet she still smells of wisteria from playing hide and seek around them.  Fern is 6 1/2 inches seated and is string jointed.